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Alexis Gregory: Why I Became a Campus Captain

Alexis Gregory

As The Hidden Opponent kicks off the July 2024 Campus Captains application cycle, a few of our current and former Campus Captains share their experience in the program!

Ali Gregory played JV volleyball at California Lutheran University. She became interested in advocating for mental health awareness because she believes sports are just as much a mental game as they are a physical game. Many athletes struggle to speak up about their mental health due to fears set my the stereotypes of sports, and she wants everyone’s voice to be heard. 

Why did you join the Campus Captain program?

I joined the Campus Captain program to bring awareness of the mental health of athletes to my small D3 university. I am someone who suffered a bad concussion my senior year of high school while playing soccer, it made me hesitant to play the same as I had my whole life. I wanted to be a voice for athletes that attend a university where there is not a sports psychologist or sports focused counseling. I wanted my fellow athletes to feel like they had someone to turn to get help and resources when needed. 

What has been your favorite part of the program?

My favorite part of the program was hosting mental health awareness games! Seeing my campus community come and support the cause while wearing their green was amazing. The best part of the games was speaking to the teams before the game. It was really nice to see so many players open up and be interested in how they can further advocate for mental health awareness. 

Alexis Gregory at the Chargers stadium

Can you elaborate on some activities or events you participated in or hosted this year, whether that be at your school or through the THO community? 

I had the honor of hosting seven mental health awareness games at my University for seven different sports! I also had the opportunity to attend an event where Victoria Browne, the Katie Saves Foundation, and Carrie Hastings spoke about mental health at the Civic Arts Plaza. 

What has been your biggest accomplishment as a CC? What positive changes have you seen on your campus through the program?

My biggest accomplishment as a Campus Captain is hosting seven awareness games with the help of the coaches at my University. I have seen coaches being more open to speaking about mental health to their team as well as players reaching out for help. 

What has been your biggest takeaway from the CC program? 

My biggest takeaway from the program is so many people don’t know or think about the mental health of student-athletes, and it was very eye-opening how many parents felt very impacted by this program. Many parents encouraged their students to join and speak up. The best thing you can do is speak up, because you are more than your sport!

What advice or recommendations do you have for athletes who are interested in applying to the program?

I would recommend reaching out to everyone at your University. There is always someone who wants to collaborate or help make something happen. Most coaches love the Campus Captains program and want to encourage their players to learn more. If you are a student-athlete or former athlete, this is a great program to share your story and make an impact. 



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