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The Coaches & Professionals Program aims to provide education and resources to coaches and all adults who work with student-athletes. The program covers a variety of topics, helping coaches and professionals become better support systems for their athletes, while also prioritizing their own mental health and self-care.

If you would like to volunteer as a panelist or content creator, please fill out our Coaches & Professionals Engagement Questionnaire. You can also join our Coaches & Professionals Facebook Group to stay up to date with the program and any resources we share!



Access our YouTube library of panels, which feature voices from coaches, support staff, administrators, and mental health and performance professionals. The panels cover important topics surrounding mental health from a coaching and administrative perspective.


Don't have time to sit down and watch our YouTube panels? No worries! Access our SoundCloud library for audio recordings of the same panels that are on YouTube. Now you can listen to these important conversations on your drive into work, or while you're in the office!



Want a one-page resource that you can share with your colleagues and athletes, or even display around your athletic facilities? Check out our PDF Resource library!

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