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SonderMind x The Hidden Opponent Partner Page

The Hidden Opponent is proud to partner with SonderMind –a healthcare company that hopes to help you on your journey towards better mental health.

Visit our partner page at and scroll down below to learn more about this amazing, FREE matchmaking service that works with your insurance company! It’s like a dating site, but for your search for a therapist!

*** Please note that at this time, SonderMind is only available in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, and Missouri (due to insurance reasons), but the organization plans to expand throughout the United States ASAP !

SonderMind – Commonly Asked Questions

What is SonderMind?

SonderMind is a behavioral healthcare company that is redesigning mental healthcare to be more accessible, approachable, and utilized. We work with therapists to help them get paired with the right clients, stop worrying about finances, and grow their private practice. We work with clients to connect them with an in-network, local therapist who fits their needs.

How does SonderMind work?

SonderMind is a service for both clients and mental healthcare providers. From a client perspective, to work with SonderMind you can go to ​​ and click “Match with a Therapist”. From there, we ask clients a few questions so we can better understand their needs and preferences. Once they’ve completed their initial questionnaire, we send them their therapist matches. They then set up their SonderMind Client Portal and can start setting up their first appointment with the therapist of their choice. If a client chooses a therapist and later decides they would like to work with someone else, they can always request a “Rematch”, and our team will provide them with new therapist matches that fit their preferences.

From a provider perspective, SonderMind helps build their caseload and takes on all their administrative tasks so they can focus on providing care. Providers can manage their schedule, billing, insurance handling, note-taking, and more through their SonderMind Provider Portal. SonderMind sends providers new clients who are likely to be a good fit for their practice, and they can always lean on the SonderMind team for support when they need it.

How does a partner page work & why would we want one?

Partner pages are a beneficial tool for both our team and your organization. By using a partner page instead of the website homepage, we can tailor the therapy experience to you and your organization’s needs. Additionally, we can use partner pages to track if and when individuals are being connected to a therapist, and provide you with utilization reports so we can evaluate the partnership and figure out how to make it even more beneficial.

Where is SonderMind currently active?

SonderMind currently has a presence in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, and Missouri. We are rapidly expanding and are doing our best to serve as many individuals as possible.

What kind of therapists work with SonderMind?

Therapists of all different backgrounds and experience levels choose to work with SonderMind. We accept a wide variety of license types and have a network of therapists that represents over 85 different specialities. We hold our therapists to the highest standard and ensure quality care.

How much will it cost me to work with SonderMind and my matched therapist?

The out of pocket cost for therapy is largely dependent on your insurance plan. At SonderMind, we do not have access to your insurance plan details so we cannot definitively say how much therapy will cost for each individual who uses our services. We recommend calling the number on the back of your insurance card to verify your behavioral healthcare benefits prior to scheduling an appointment with a SonderMind therapist.

How, when, and why was SonderMind created?

SonderMind started as an idea back in 2014 when our Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Frank, was looking for a therapist himself and was having the hardest time finding one that met all of his needs. He called therapist after therapist, and had no luck scheduling an appointment. Sometimes he didn’t even get a call back. This unfortunately is a common occurrence in the therapy world.

That’s when he decided to start working on a solution. His first step was to find a trusted colleague who could help him better understand the issue at hand. That’s when he paired up with the Co-Founder, Sean Boyd, who is a licensed therapist himself. Alas, SonderMind was born. Since 2014, SonderMind has grown to have over 100 employees who are all passionate about our mission to redesign behavioral healthcare to be more accessible, approachable and utilized. We continue to explore additional avenues and solutions for mental healthcare issues that too many Americans face first hand. We look forward to providing more and more clients and therapists with the mental healthcare journey they deserve.

Who makes up the SonderMind team?

The SonderMind team is a blend of many talented and passionate individuals! From clinicians, to tech leaders, to those who are just looking to make a difference – this team continues to grow in diversity and strength as SonderMind develops. Located in Denver, Colorado, we are always looking for more skillful and eager people to join our team. If you or someone you know is interested in redesigning behavioral healthcare with us, check out ​​ to view our open positions.




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