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Emily Harrigan: I fell back in love with the game

My college career was never one that I expected for myself. I was on cloud nine leaving high school, being named an All-American, breaking the goal scoring record at my school, and winning a state championship. I was more than ready to play at a top 25 soccer program. However, God had different plans for me.

My first collegiate game, I tore my hamstring. Growing up and never suffering from anything more than a few ankle sprains, I wasn’t quite sure how to handle this. I spent hours upon hours doing rehab. I was determined to come back stronger than ever. My sophomore year, my hamstring persisted to give me issues. Junior year, I got COVID, broke my arm, and continued to have hamstring problems. I started to lose all hope and was ready to just give up.

I felt as if the world was against me. My mental health was deteriorating, and I slowly started to lose sight of who I was. In June, I decided that I was in control of my own destiny. I loved the program I was a part of, but decided I needed a change and wanted to give myself a clean slate. I transferred for my senior year.

I knew that transferring as an academic senior would bring about a few challenges. However, after four months of being at my new university, I have never been happier. I have now been a year free of injuries and am in a much better place mentally. I fell back in love with the game. I wouldn’t trade my journey for the world.

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