Coaches &
professionals program

Our newest program, the Coaches & Professionals Program, aims to provide education and resources to coaches and all adults who work with student-athletes. The program covers a variety of topics, helping coaches and professionals become better support systems for their athletes, while also prioritizing their own mental health and self-care.


Each month, we will release a YouTube video of a recorded panel discussion for you to view on your own time. We will also send out a monthly supporting resource flyer that you can use in your office or with your athletes. 

If you would like to volunteer as a panelist or content creator, please fill out our Coaches & Professionals Engagement Questionnaire.

You can also join our Coaches & Professionals Facebook Group to stay up to date with the program and any resources we share!


fall 2022

SEPTEMBER: Mental Health & Transition Back to In-Person






October: Starting Conversations about Mental Health

November: Making Mental Health a Priority

in your Athletic Department

December: When to Have a Conversation

vs. Refer to a Professional

spring 2023

January: Warning Signs of a Mental Health Crisis

February: Ways to Build Relationships

with your Counseling/Wellness Center

March: How to Prioritize Mental Health

as Coaches and Professionals

April: Ways to Prepare Student-Athletes

for Life after Sport

May: Combatting Stereotypes and

Stigmatized Language


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