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Paul Clingan of Down Dog Athletics: Why I Quit College Baseball

Paul Clingan played Division 1 baseball at Washington State University for two years before deciding that for him “the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze” anymore. In a recent video, Paul reflects on why he actually quit college baseball and how it took him nearly ten years to realize the true reason behind his decision. He credits yoga and learning more about mental health in his later life for helping him unpack his difficulties as a college athlete. Now, Paul can see how he suffered from “crippling performance anxiety” as a baseball player, though these experiences helped propel him towards beginning Down Dog Athletics –a mind and body performance training company. Paul is a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Lululemon ambassador based out of Seattle. Paul also runs the Down Dog Athletics podcast, where he hosted The Hidden Opponent Founder Victoria Garrick this past April.

To learn more about Paul Clingan and his company Down Dog Athletics, visit @paul_clingan or @downdogathletics on Instagram, or


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