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Natalie Murphy

Director of Strategic

Program Development

Natalie played Division I women's soccer at Iona College in New York. She earned two degrees in Psychology and Philosophy from the highly-selective Honors Program. Natalie currently works in Customer Success and Project Management for a SaaS/cloud-based software solution company. She has direct leadership experience managing implementation projects, product demos, account management, non-profits, building processes for early-stage companies, and start-ups. Natalie is committed to social entrepreneurship with a personal mission to positively impact mental health access, education, support services, and more for athletes of all ages. Her 2018 diagnosis of Bipolar 1 disorder, anxiety, and depression, and her journey in recovery led her to volunteer for her local NAMI chapter as a Peer Support Group Facilitator with the aim of providing a safe space for peers to assist each other on their wellness journeys.

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